St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School

Cashless School

St Martin de Porres is a 'cashless school'. 

Everything that has to be paid for in school including school dinners, wrap around care clubs, school trips, etc. is done online via a system called sQuid.

If you are a new parent to the school, as soon as your child has been officially admitted and registered in our central system, you will get a letter with all the information you need to register on sQuid.


The basics of the system are as follow:

  • As a parent, you register on sQuid on any electronic device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, computer) with a username (generally your email address) and a password that you will have to remember for all future connections (make it easy enough that you can remember it accurately and/or write it down somewhere safe and accessible).
  • Once your personal account is created, you register all your children individually with an individual number and a code that will be given to you in the sQuid letter.
  • On your sQuid account, each of your children will have 2 separate purses: one for school dinners ONLY, the other one for all other payments.

Catering Purse

This is for school dinners ONLY.


  • your child is eligible for Free School Meals and/or Universal (all children in Reception and KS1)
  • your child is in KS2 but brings his/her own packed lunch everyday,

... then you can ignore this purse. No need to put any money on there. The balance can stay at £0 for as long as your child is not having paid meals in school.

If your child is in KS2 and having dinners at school, you will have to pay for these dinners by adding money to this catering purse. Each day your child is having a school dinner, we will directly take £2.50 from his/her purse to pay for their meal. Whenever the balance on this purse goes below £5, sQuid will send you a warning for you to add some more money.

Don't let it run too low!

Trips & Offers Purse

This is for everything else than school dinners.

This purse works in a very different way. You can put some money on it if you wish but our school does not have direct access to it to "take" the money you owe us.

This section of your sQuid account works like an online shop: you can see everything that is on offer and it is your choice to BUY things by putting them into your basket and paying for them either from the money you already have in this purse or with a credit/debit card or a direct bank transfer.


You will find in this section everything that is to buy or pay for as a one-off, for example school trips, tickets for a special events, take away food for sale by the PTA, etc.

Whenever an event is going to happen that your child/family could be part of, we will advertise it and put it for sale in this "Offers" section.

Look at what's on in "New offers", select what you're interested in (you will see some information and how much it cost), put it into your basket, and check out.

Mrs Symons at school will know immediately what you have bought and you will get what you have paid for in the following days.


This section is mainly for wrap around care users. If you would like your child to attend breakfast club and/or afterschool clubs, all you have to do is book and pay any session in advance by looking at the dates and times available, selecting the ones you want, putting them into your basket and checking out.

Again, Mrs Symons will be informed immediately of any session bought. If you have booked several sessions in advance and you finally decide not to use some of them, do not worry!

We keep a register of children attending our clubs and whenever a child is absent, we refund the sQuid account of their parent.


If you have an issues or questions about the sQuid system, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for help.