St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School

Cashless School

St Martin de Porres is a 'cashless school'. 

Everything that has to be paid for in school including school dinners, wrap around care clubs, school trips, etc. is done online via our school app - 'My Child at School' or MCAS.

If you are a new parent to the school, as soon as your child has been officially admitted and registered in our central system, you will get a letter with all the information you need to register on MCAS.

The basics of the system are as follow:

  • As a parent, download the app on any electronic device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, computer) with a username (generally your email address) and a password that you will have to remember for all future connections (make it easy enough that you can remember it accurately and/or write it down somewhere safe and accessible).
  • Once your personal account is created, your child should appear on the app.