St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School

Values & Vision

Our aim is to create a happy, enthusiastic and loving community through which Christ’s message flourishes.

Within this, we strive for the fulfilment of each person’s academic potential and the realisation of their unique God-given gifts.

We seek to make this statement an every day reality in our school by living it out in the following aims:


  • To provide a Christ centered community in which the Catholic faith is nurtured.

  • To provide daily opportunities for prayer and worship which deepen our relationship with God and each other.

  • To uphold British values by developing an awareness and respect of other people's religious and moral values and an understanding of other cultures, religions and ways of life.

  • To uphold British values by fostering an understanding of our responsibility to care for ourselves, others and for the wider world in which we live.

  • To foster an environment which provides care and safety for all.

  • For the ethos and spirit of the school to be reflected by its members in the home, parish and wider community.

  • To provide teaching of the highest possible standard which develops successful, life-long learners.

  • In partnership with parents and families, to develop healthy, independent, happy and confident children equipped with the skills to contribute positively to today’s society.

  • To create a community of learners who will experience a broad, creative, challenging education which caters for the needs of the individual.

  • To integrate the latest technology into learning experiences.

  • To be a fully inclusive learning community which strives to breakdown barriers to and foster a love of learning.

  • To be educational practitioners who actively seek to share our strengths and to learn from others.